Saturday, 8 January 2011

whats this Craaazy Jedi doing, is he gonna take on that Star Destroyer?? Craaaazzy... bit of Speed painting...


  1. nah he is just a space traffic warden,lol.

    or a space traffic matt waldren.

    Crazy painting man! like!

  2. ha yea, he is just the space traffic control, trying to land that star destroyer.... But Darth n his buddies got the wrong impression n went Mental !

  3. that scen would be epic if it was in the film. He throws the lightsaber at the TIE fighter and uses his jedi mind powers the retrieve it (like a boomerang)

    Nice atmosphere in the painting, how long did it take?

  4. yea i thought it would be Epic.... i was thinking his ship had been damaged... so he gets out n is like "C'mon then you wankers" "I'll take you all on"

    well it was a quick painting, but cos there was quite a few things going on, especially trying to get the perspective right on the ship, it took about 1 hour....