Wednesday, 7 July 2010

a model created using zbrush, this was more of a test than a finished piece, as you can see its not finished, it was more for learning purposes. :D


  1. Nice one Dan. Good to see you trying out other mediums. Sculptris is a free software that is the SketchUp version of Z-Brush if you ever want to try it out. Also Ive been using a program called Al.chemy recently thats worth a gander. Its deadly to combine it with photoshop to create mechanical things.
    Congrats with winning the COW too!

  2. sweet robot. I didn't realise you had won the COW!! well done! Enjoy your new found status with that star (or is it a root vegetable) next to your name ;)

    I've been using alchemy too, amazingly revolutionary!

  3. Would be nice to see your view for the Environment of the week "into the woods" (even if for the challenge it might be too late =) Allez allez ! =) x