Monday, 9 August 2010

someone asked me to do a concept for "Into the woods" but i got confused and did " into the kitchen".
This was just to practice a few things, mainly working out some thumbnails and then developing one of them further.
oh and also a creature design


  1. Hey dude! The painting is looking nice but careful with some of those perspectives. Check the floor tile's perspective with the bottom of the table on the left and the hob. Also the light showing on the floor. Its looking very sharp atm, and you can diffuse off some of those edges, and again, watch it's perspective (its looking skewed). Compare it to the floor tile again. Bounce your eye around the place and compare all the elements in the room with each other to make sure scale and perspective is related to each other.

  2. yeah the floor tiles. Its nice though, gotta lot of emotion in the painting.